Replacement Amplifiers for Vintage Leslies

Offering New LS 122V & LS 147V Amps

New vintage style 122 & 147 tube amplifiers. Exact construction and 40 watt audio specifications of original 1960 era amplifiers.

New stainless steel CNC manufactured chasis.

Laser engraved ID Label

Standard EBY speaker connector & motor outlets

Trek II solid state motor control circuitry.

3 speed option for chorale-off-tremolo

Featured Brand New Vintage Leslie Amp Manufactured by LS Amps. Copyright Current Year
Brand New 8000 Kit Manufactured by LS Amps. Copyright Current Year.

8000 Kits

Also offering new Leslie 8000 interface boxes!
Maximize your new LS 122V amplifier!

Vintage Hammond

Busbars to Solid State

Vintage Leslie

Amps, Motors & Speakers

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24 Hour Turnaround


All services listed below include a 24 hour turnaround (unless otherwise specified/disclosed).

LS Amps Leslie Amp Rebuild LS Amps Preamp Service LS Amps Leslie Control Board
Leslie amps can be converted from single ended input to balanced input (147 to 122). All Leslie amp rebuilds includes stripping chassis of all components & tube sockets. Installing with new tube sockets, components, and Trek II solid state relay. If desired, rebuilds can include NEW chassis to replace old rusty chassis.
Ship us your original tube preamp from any Hammond and we will repair or rebuild it.
Ship us your non-working 122A / 122XB motor control board(s) and we will repair to original factory specifications. As each case is unique, some instances may require the shipment of your 122A / 122XB amplifiers in addition to the motor control board.

Who is LS Amps?

Lonnie Smith has been involved in the music industry his entire life. His dedication to the maintenance and repair of all brands of keyboards and organs is only surpassed by his passion for marathon running. His incomparable devotion to both worlds now comes to fruition in the creation of LS AMPS, LLC.

With a degree in electronics, Lonnie forges ahead, surpassing those with only shared Internet explanations. His established reputation as a top notch technician has also brought him notoriety as a spokesman for the industry. With a philosophy that places emphasis on returning all electronics to their ‘factory levels’, Lonnie has gained the utmost respect from keyboard manufacturers across the country which has led him to many in-house service seminars and close associations with the leaders of the keyboard world. Lonnie is currently an officer for the Musical Instruments Technician Association (MITA) where he works with technicians, educators, store owners and enthusiasts wanting to learn more about vintage Hammond organs and Leslie speakers.

Hammond organs and Leslie speakers were made by the thousands in this country and Lonnie has studied the history of these magnificent inventions in depth. The organs began in 1935 and continued into the mid-seventies, using the tone-wheel design, while the production of Leslie speakers began in 1940. The construction of these instruments has proven to be formidable as evidenced by the shear number of organs and Leslies that still exist today. Their electronics, however, have deteriorated and will continue to do so, creating a strong need for proper restoration and refurbishing to factory levels. Lonnie believes that the remaining Hammonds and Leslies deserve this respect.

The Internet has bred numerous quasi-technicians who claim to have knowledge pertaining to the repair of Hammond organs and Leslie speakers. Where they fall short, however, is in the fundamental awareness of the electronics and the necessity for these instruments to function as they did when they came from the factory. Return visits from service technicians who did not fix the original problems, are no longer acceptable. LS AMPS, LLC firmly stands behind these values and confidently promises you results.

Having run over 100 marathons (26.2 miles); completing at least one in each state and becoming a five time Boston marathon finisher, validates Lonnie Smith’s motivation to achieve excellence. He, now, shows that he is willing to go the distance for you with LS AMPS, LLC.


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